Palm Springs Tourism

The Ask: Increase travel to Palm Springs, CA.

The Solve: Palm Springs is a photogenic city, with attractions ranging from modern architecture to #thatpinkdoor that has 8,000 Instagram posts. Located just two hours from Los Angeles, it’s also the perfect drive-to destination for social influencers escaping hectic city life.


Palm Springs FujiFilm Instax x Vintage Film Stock

Branded film frames on a film stock that captures Palm Spring’s low-contrast light and vibrant colors. The packaging encourages photographers to share their work on social with the tag #VisitPalmSprings 

Palm Springs Preset Pack for Lightroom Mobile

The Palm Springs Preset Pack captures the essence of Palm Springs through three gorgeous low-contrast filters, inspired by the soft sunlight and vibrant art and architecture of Palm Springs. The Instagram ad links to the Palm Springs Tourism website, and drives traffic to the best planning resource for a jaw-dropping Palm Springs vacation.

AD: Arielle Bryant
CW: Eleanor Fialk
All photos provided by the wonderful Kaylee, @kaylchip on IG

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